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Lishia Erza


Let your interests be as wide and varied as possible, and let your reactions to the things and persons that interest you be as far as possible friendly rather than hostile. (Bertrand Russell)

Social development and governance specialist. Based in Edinburgh, UK, doing research for my PhD in Governance for Excluded Communities at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh.

Interested in: Welsh affairs, human biotechnology, British history & politics, Calligraphy, Public Service Innovation, Organisational Behaviour, decentralisation and social exclusion.

On a more personal note:

  • loves mushroom dishes,
  • gets strangely happy around water (rain, sea, shower),
  • religiously reads/watch news,
  • prefers rugby to soccer,
  • would rather spend time with a book than a game console,
  • is trying to shift from collecting Coke flavours from around the world to just Mars Bars. Airport security is not helping my Coke crusade.


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3 Responses to "Lishia Erza"

i enjoy your blog, lishia. thought provoking and well written articles.

all best,

Thank you for reading.
Would love to hear/read your provoked thoughts.
And I hope you’ll become a regular 😉

Well said mam.. Couldn’t agree more.. Love it..

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Lishia Erza

Searching for answers about life, these are the ones I have found.

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  • kefirlime: Please do share. Thanks for loving it :P On a more serious note... it is worrying that we have taken for granted (even forgotten) about the essence o
  • ubz: Lishia, love this. allow me to share, seems that a lot of people *maybe for generations* has already forgotten the essence of pancasila, the philosop
  • alvan gunawan: Well said mam.. Couldn't agree more.. Love it..

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