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Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Posted on: February 6, 2011

8 AM, Ankara Esenboga Airport, waiting for my return flight to Edinburgh. Reflection time while waiting for my caffeine to kick in and boarding gate to open.

“Future health managers” has been my week’s theme.

In many countries health systems are currently transforming, especially in Turkey and Britain. In response to this development, health managers are under greater pressure to be able to manage change effectively. Unfortunately, this is a competency that requires health managers to learn not just on the job, but before and throughout their career. A job demanding lifelong learning. The question then, is how do educators promote lifelong learning and build content for this kind of learning? We are after all designing what kind of knowledge should be available in, sustainable for, and adaptable to situations in the future.

Through hours of vigorous intellectual exercise, experts from Queen Margaret University, Leeds University, Gazi University, Atilim University, Mediterranean Health Managers’ Association (ASID), and Turkish-German Health Donation (TDG) concluded that first and foremost we need a definition of what future health managers are.

Rich and complex ideas flew about our meeting room for days, landing on a common agreement that we should involve more people in thinking about Future Health Managers. What I’m thinking about right now though… is what building future managers will do to future health systems?

We are designing an organic health manager model who will be catalysts, creators, and shapers. Not reactors. If these new breed of managers fill positions in the next 5-10 years… what kind of system should we anticipate in 20?

I’m afraid I don’t have answers at the moment. Maybe my Turkish Coffee hasn’t kicked in.


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