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Inspiration: Truths, Lies and Visibility

Posted on: January 16, 2011

I find this piece by Jason Cromwell is inspiring. Empowering individuals.


I have been told

that I am a figment

of my own imagination,

that what I am cannot be,

that my truths are lies

and their lies are truths.

But I know that I am

and that my truths are not lies

and their lies are not truths.

They may keep me

outside the boundaries

of their imaginations,

but I refuse to be invisible.

Have a good week ahead!


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    • kefirlime: Please do share. Thanks for loving it :P On a more serious note... it is worrying that we have taken for granted (even forgotten) about the essence o
    • ubz: Lishia, love this. allow me to share, seems that a lot of people *maybe for generations* has already forgotten the essence of pancasila, the philosop
    • alvan gunawan: Well said mam.. Couldn't agree more.. Love it..

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