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Human beings are strange

Posted on: January 4, 2011

Happy New Year!

I started 2011 with a simple yet intriguing line, “Human beings are very strange creatures”. The man who said this was referring to how people celebrated new year’s eve being drunk, singing in streets, etc. And he asked, “What exactly are we celebrating? Another year of survival?”

Perhaps we are. Survival has a different meaning today than it did 1,000 years ago. To survive today means more than simply putting food on the table, send children to school, and if we’re lucky – pay for nice holidays. Surviving is not just about staying alive and subsistence any more, but  is also about having significance.

So when people celebrate new year, perhaps we are celebrating survival. Another year of significance. Of achieving more at work, of developing closer relationships, of simply being able to say “happy new year” and mean “i hope you get more significance in your life this year, because that would make this year a happy year for you”.

Celebrating survival makes sense. But human beings are indeed strange creatures. Even though we strive for significance, we are happiest when we find connections with people who take us as we are. We are happiest when we are significant without having to do much work on it. We are happiest when someone says to us, “You are all I need. Just as you are”, but who are also always supportive of our efforts to become better, more significant individuals.

So seeing in 2011, I suppose my mission this year is to understand the different ways people make themselves significant. Some through work, some through closeness, some through friendships, some through service, even uselessness for those operating on Murphy’s Law – that it takes a lot of work to be completely useless.

What makes you feel significant?


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  • kefirlime: Please do share. Thanks for loving it :P On a more serious note... it is worrying that we have taken for granted (even forgotten) about the essence o
  • ubz: Lishia, love this. allow me to share, seems that a lot of people *maybe for generations* has already forgotten the essence of pancasila, the philosop
  • alvan gunawan: Well said mam.. Couldn't agree more.. Love it..

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