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Quickbyte: Why Wales?

Posted on: June 6, 2010

Many of my friends wonder why I love Wales so much.

1. A man named Roald Dahl

Throughout my troubled childhood, I wake up reading Roald Dahl, fall asleep reading Roald Dahl, wishing I live in Roald Dahl’s books, and stop being afraid of giants when I read The BFG. When I got older, I found out that Roald Dahl came from Wales, even though he wasn’t a Welshman. A man’s life is usually the source of his inspiration. So I vowed, one day, I will do all I can to preserve that source of inspiration, which I believe is largely influenced by the Welsh.

2. Dragons are cool!

The official animal of Wales is a red dragon. Need I say more?

3. Rugby

“THERE are lots of ways to know a nation: through its literature, its politics, its myths. One of them is through the games it plays.”

Rugby is the national game of Wales. Of all the sports in the world to be a fan of, Rugby wins my heart. I was introduced to rugby by a close friend when he was playing for New Zealand team a long time ago. Some football fans change allegiance in soccer, from Italy to England to Brazil.. well, for me, I guess it’s from NZ to Wales 😛

My brain is not wired in the right way to memorize or understand sport game rules. I understand the basics, but rugby has more meaning to me than just watching men in jerseys run around the field bashing into each other without pads and helmets like the American NFL cousins do. If you’ve ever seen a rugby scrum, you’ll get the picture when i tell you that rugby reminds me to be engaged, to be a team player. Crouch, touch, engage. That’s what I do at work, in my studies.. anything that requires a little bit of struggle. Something I don’t get from other sports.

There are other reasons for my affinity towards Wales, but I figured these three should provide enough answers for curious fellows 😉 If you don’t believe me that Wales is interesting, ask my Welsh friends. You’d be fascinated even by simply talking to them!

ps: The Prince of Wales is not from Wales!


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