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ReByte: Civic Engagement and Broadband

Posted on: June 2, 2010

A reminder that governments should keep up, an interesting video on The Future of Civic Engagement, recommended by a colleague at University of Manchester (Yanuar Nugroho)

Five recommendations:

  1. Building a more open and transparent government, by making all government and judicial records freely available online, and streaming government meetings and hearings;
  2. Helping public media such as PBS and NPR expand beyond their broadcast models in providing news content, and removing copyright obstacles to sharing historic materials, ultimately leading to a national digital archive;
  3. Deploying social media in all government agencies;
  4. Recruiting technological innovators into government, engaging citizen experts from the private sector and starting an innovation corps; and
  5. Bringing the election process into the digital age, eliminating mistakes in voter registration, standardizing the process across states, and enabling military personnel overseas to cast ballots electronically.

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