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Luxury, Not Health.

Posted on: May 12, 2010

Reading news that says: “Hospital to cater for price-conscious patients” stirred a bubbling anger in me. Health is NOT a commodity!

I seriously wonder why people seem to be comfortable with paying ridiculous amounts of money for what is supposed to be public service.

“Room rates at Parkway East are cheaper than the other two hospitals, starting at S$135 (US$97) per day for a four-bed room and $988 for a super VIP room. The other two hospitals provide rooms starting at $200 to more than $4,000 for suites”

I find it puzzling that better health system is equated with high price!

The United Nations’s World Health Organization ranks Singapore as having the sixth best health system in the world while Thailand and Malaysia were positioned at 47th and 49th respectively. Indonesia ranks 92nd, Bangladesh 88th , and Vietnam lags far behind at 160th on the list.

The health system assessment was determined by level and distribution of health services as well as fairness in financial contribution in each country.

The Jakarta Post’s Weekender magazine reported that more than half of Singapore’s 400,000 medical travelers came from Indonesia.

And even more confused when it costs $4,000 for a room IN A HOSPITAL, not even in a luxurious villa somewhere in Maldives or Bali, and people still buy into it! And called “price conscious” at that too! Where’s the logic in this?!

I am going to use the lines of wild life campaigners here: “When the buying stops, the killing stops”. Stop letting capitalists take advantage of our well being as a reason for them to accumulate wealth!


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