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Quickbyte: May’s Byte Agenda

Posted on: May 4, 2010

It has been a busy week indeed. I can’t wait to share the ideas I’ve encountered. To remind me, and give you an idea of what’s coming up in the next few posts, here goes:

1.  On Public Service Innovation – How to keep up with demands, I shall be writing about  the role of parliament in facilitating innovation.

2. On Globalisation and Social Policy, I’ll share my take on the topic from a cosmpolitan justice point of view.

3. On Securing Social Justice in Human Biotechnology, the discussion will be on the roles of national and international governance.

4. This is probably one of the most debatable topic: Similarities and differences between wife and slave and the feminist’s view that it is better to be single or a lesbian. I’m going to try to refute that view.

Well, if you have preliminary views on any of these topics, as the Guardian says, Comment is Free 🙂


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  • kefirlime: Please do share. Thanks for loving it :P On a more serious note... it is worrying that we have taken for granted (even forgotten) about the essence o
  • ubz: Lishia, love this. allow me to share, seems that a lot of people *maybe for generations* has already forgotten the essence of pancasila, the philosop
  • alvan gunawan: Well said mam.. Couldn't agree more.. Love it..

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