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Freedom to Choose

Posted on: April 12, 2010

if a man has the freedom to choose whether or not he’s marrying a woman after he had impregnated her, the woman should have the same freedom to choose whether or not she decides to continue or abort her pregnancy. These choices should not be circumscribed by social pressures, nor should pressures affect each person because of his/her decisions.

Inclusion implies acknowledgement of exclusion, therefore efforts to include, albeit morally desirable have not challenged the current structure. New structures of society should be in place not as an alternative, but as part of existence. Preference is not the same as having to choose the next best option. People should have options of equal ground.

As rational people we should all form our own ideas about what is the best life. But to know what is the good life ans impose this on others is at best overconfidence – at worst, arrogance (Savulescu, 2002:773)

– Lishia Erza


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  • kefirlime: Please do share. Thanks for loving it :P On a more serious note... it is worrying that we have taken for granted (even forgotten) about the essence o
  • ubz: Lishia, love this. allow me to share, seems that a lot of people *maybe for generations* has already forgotten the essence of pancasila, the philosop
  • alvan gunawan: Well said mam.. Couldn't agree more.. Love it..

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